Information Technologies for Cultural Heritage

List of our competencies and interests:

Research of the water area (sea, lakes, rivers) using remote sensing methods:
Scanning Side-Scan-Sonar (Bathymetry, Mosaic)
Magnetometry survey
Survey using USV and ROV
Using GIS for an integrated exploration (remote sensing data and archival topographic sources)

Diving - survey and underwater excavation

Underwater photogrammetry
3D-models of the bottom relief
3D-models of submerged objects

Building DEM and 3D-models of relief and buildings
Building DEM and 3D-models of the coast

Information technologies for cultural heritage exhibitions
3D-models of objects for museum exhibitions
IT-support and software developing (DB, cloud store services, web-services)

Underwater video-monitoring system
Underwater site protection
Environmental monitoring (cultural heritage and ecology)
Museum exposition submerged objects 360 degrees + track movement

Latest news:
  On July 20, 2022, an underwater archaeological expedition began work exploring the ancient fortress of Sarkel, flooded in the Tsimlyansk reservoir in the middle of the 20th century. At the bottom of the reservoir, the remains of walls and defensive towers were discovered, which were excavated in the middle of the 20th century.
Our team hopes to find out in more detail than our predecessors what the ancient fortress looked like.
The report on the expedition was presented at the MaresEDU 2022 conference:
Underwater archaeological research of the Sarkel-Belaya Vezha fortress, flooded in the Tsimlyansk reservoir download: Presentation

  Underwater Archaeological Society work in close cooperation with historians and archaeologists of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The organisation members conducted underwater and archaeological research of the submerged city of Acre and the port facilities of the Tauric Chersonesus, as well as archaeological surveys in the vicinity of the Kizhi Museum-reserve on lake Onega, on the Dnieper near Smolensk, on the Don, and on the Dvina river in the Arkhangelsk region. We create a series of films about underwater and marine archaeology, the history of navigation and the development of shipbuilding.

The exposition
«Corsairs of the Mediterranean Sea»

The project «Sarkel»

Example of a movie about one of our research:

Finding a flooded and blown-up Cathedral:

Frigate St. Theodorе: